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Money Milestone: Talking with Your Advisor More Openly

on Wed, 2015-02-11 05:52

Kimberly Clouse describes how to turn your next meeting with your advisor into a substantive and valuable review of the relationship. Money Milestone: Talking with Your Advisor More Openly covers several key topics.


Creating a Wealth Management Plan

on Fri, 2015-01-02 08:28

Last month Knowledge@Wharton interviewed Charlotte Beyer about her recently published book, Wealth Management Unwrapped, covering topics of active versus passive investing, how to assess risk and what builds trust in the investor advisor relationship. The 18 minute interviewed can be viewed by clicking here.

Going to Extremes?

on Sun, 2014-12-07 19:39

Once again Jason Zweig makes sense of our tendency to go to extremes when faced with huge price moves in a market – any market, oil, stocks or gold. Lessons From Oil's Black Friday may surprise you!

3 Misconceptions Advisors Have About Their Clients

on Tue, 2014-11-18 17:56

In this November  interview with Wall Street Journal reporter, Veronica Dagher, asks Charlotte Beyer to describe common misconceptions advisors have about the rich. Beyer then explains how courage can overcome misunderstandings in the investor advisor relationship. 

Trust but verify...with metrics!

on Sun, 2014-11-09 19:00

Interviewed recently by knowledge@Wharton here, Charlotte Beyer defines how trust can be earned and how investors can improve outcomes from her book, Wealth Management Unwrapped.

How Much Risk Can I Take?

on Sat, 2014-10-25 12:49

Jason Zweig undergoes a brain analysis of his own risk tolerance, and here are other ways to assess your tolerance for risk.

In my book Wealth Management Unwrapped I detail four types of risk originally described by Geoff Davey of Finametrica.
1. Risk tolerance is a personality characteristic; it is neither good nor bad, it just is. Your personality is not going to change dramatically, and neither is your risk tolerance. Many advisors give you a quick quiz to determine your risk tolerance.

Note to Self: Write My Investment Plan!

on Sat, 2014-10-04 14:06

When working with private investors, advisors sometimes forget a key part of a system that will insure their success. And similarly, investors forget to let the advisor help them be more specific on outcomes, benchmarks and testing hopes against reality!

This blog describes clearly and succinctly an important Note to advisers and clients: Write Your Investment Plan


Is This Trend Your Friend?

on Mon, 2014-08-25 07:25

Jason Zweig and Charley Ellis are highlighting a sea change in the investment industry. Increasing number of investors choosing to index or go passive, combined with the new robo-advisors may just mean that this trend IS your friend?

How Should You Measure Advice?

on Sun, 2014-07-13 19:49

Wharton's Professor Richard Marston suggested how to create a report card on your advisor, and now Jason Zweig suggests you do the same: namely, ask to see how the advisors have done for their clients. A note of caution: if an advisor shows you a composite of client accounts, does that mean clients' portfolios are all managed the same? That may not be what you want because each client may have different risk tolerance and different goals. A track record showing composite performance works when all portfolios have identical mandates, but not when clients have differing goals.

6 Surprising New Observations About Setting Financial Goals

on Sun, 2014-06-22 07:37

We all see the ads stating that setting financial goals is the bedrock for better investing, but often this process can lead us astray. Ron LIeber's column rounds up six new ways to look at financial goals. Who knew, for example, that our mental math might be totally off the mark? Or, that we create our financial expectations out of thin air – using quite unrealistic numbers?